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Our standard guitar Stand

the concept

The idea behind Double M Custom Guitar Stands is to provide a sturdy and beautiful piece of furniture to hold your guitar.  When you put your guitar away, what you have is a fine addition to any room as opposed to a black, metal and foam stand.

the materials

Double M Custom Guitar Stands hand picks fine hardwoods of many different types such as Walnut, Lacewood, Bubinga, Purpleheart, Bloodwood, Rosewood etc. We can make one of our stands out of any wood or woods you desire, for example if you have a rosewood and spruce guitar and you want a stand to match, we can do that.


Customizing or personalizing your stand has endless possibilities.  Initials or names can be put in the stand by a variety of methods. Inlay, laser or hand carving are a few of the possibilities.  We can also install laminated pieces into the stand to customize it, as seen in the photos.

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